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🌸🖤18•cosplayer chick🖤🌸 ✨They call me “Cosplay Lord”✨ Thank you for 100k😭💕

  • ilordbarquad @ilordbarquad Jenna Love💕 19 hours ago
  • I’m coming back home today! Cosplay ideas are on the way, take some Fallen Angel content!✨ #oc #fallenangel

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  • ilordbarquad @ilordbarquad Jenna Love💕 23 October, 2020
  • Just a video so you can see the makeup for longer screen time. Also before anyone asks, YES! I am doing much better when I originally recorded this☺️

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  • ilordbarquad @ilordbarquad Jenna Love💕 22 October, 2020
  • Don’t ever make yourself sus, I’ll throw myself into the lions den to prove you’re the imposter😂 #amongus

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  • ilordbarquad @ilordbarquad Jenna Love💕 14 October, 2020
  • This honestly looks so bad to me, BUT here is something rare, Fallen Angel and Risen demon on screen at the same time✨

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