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✨DANCER✨ 20yo Quebec ✨CEO of dancing in public✨ 👇🏻4 TIKTOK TUTORIALS 👇🏻

  • enola.bedard @enola.bedard enolabedard 20 October, 2020
  • BTS!!! Wasn’t expecting this from the Grandpa... wait for it 😂🙌🏻 dancing with @dancedomela who wants the result? #viral #danceinpublic

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  • enola.bedard @enola.bedard enolabedard 18 October, 2020
  • Had to hit this dance at the hotel before heading to the airport 🙌🏻can’t wait to be in LA😍🙌🏻 dc: @gwenythryan #nickyminaj #la #viral

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  • enola.bedard @enola.bedard enolabedard 16 October, 2020
  • This part gets me every time I watch it✨✨ Which part was your favorite from their performance? DC: @parrisgoebelofficial #royalfamily #viral

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  • enola.bedard @enola.bedard enolabedard 14 October, 2020
  • After so many request here it is✨ I watched this video so many times and I’m still obsess with it😍 who can relate? #viral #royalfamily

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  • enola.bedard @enola.bedard enolabedard 13 October, 2020
  • Finally Here’s the result🔥Tag your friends who should hit this dance too!!!! DC:@parrisgoebelofficial help me tag her!! #royalfamily #viral #girls

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