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  • bright.eyesss @bright.eyesss Taylor Skeens 13 September, 2020
  • POV: the guy you’ve been seeing traps you in the bathroom at a party and instead of killing you he officially makes you his gf #pov #duet

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  • bright.eyesss @bright.eyesss Taylor Skeens 3 August, 2020
  • drop their insta or tiktok Just call me your personal private investigator 🕵️‍♀️ #fyp #foryou

  • 9.6k 1.1k 21 77.3k
  • bright.eyesss @bright.eyesss Taylor Skeens 3 August, 2020
  • i posted this on my Instagram story and people are going crazy. What is this!!?? 😨🤯 #fyp

  • 402k 10.4k 5.9k 3.5m
  • bright.eyesss @bright.eyesss Taylor Skeens 2 August, 2020
  • Y’all I got bullied for my nose, my arm hair, being the “annoying one” of the friend group... even got bullied by my cheerleading coach 👌🏼 #fyp

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