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Bri 22 (she/her) weeb✨We Just Simp Here✨ ACAB✨$bribae5210✨18+

  • lilmelonbby @lilmelonbby Bri Day 13 October, 2020
  • this chat is mainly for women or people of the LGBTQ community js so guys exit left (unless youre cal 🥴) #fyp #foryou

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  • lilmelonbby @lilmelonbby Bri Day 7 October, 2020
  • uwu we settles on the name and it is Eros Officially sooo ye thanks sm y’all! (and yes i’ll reupload the audio) #badguy #fyp #erosasmr

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  • lilmelonbby @lilmelonbby Bri Day 4 October, 2020
  • i decided to not got to work on time cause i feel shitty today, anyways, why my eye flutter like that #fyp #foryou #badguy

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